Tuesday 04 Nov 17:30

Dependency Injection with JavaScript and Node

Node Malmö


LEVEL: Intermediate

Node is known for making it simple to build small usable tools and libraries that can easily be imported elsewhere. But if you want to go bigger and create a full application does this model still hold? Is it easy to construct all your internal modules if they have complex dependencies within your own application? And is it possible to test them all in isolation?

The answer is yes, and a very good way to solve this problem is to use dependency injection (DI). There are actually very many DI libraries in node and we will look at good and bad aspects of them. We will get an introduction to what DI actually is, the difference between module loading and DI will be explained and the presenter, Ludwig Magnusson, will also show a small DI library he wrote for node in roughly 100 lines of code.

Before the main presentation we will have a few short module presentations where attenders of Node Malmö will present modules available in npm that they like or have created themselves, encouraging the other participants to use them.


17:30 - 17:50 Micro presentations

17:50 - 18.30 Dependency injection

18:30 - Pizza and beer.

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