Tuesday 14 Oct 17:30

I wanna be a Key Player

AW Seminar


LEVEL: Intermediate

We begin with meet, greet, pizza and beer.

Presentation starts at 18.00

A key player is not a star player. Key players are the players that make up the “spine” of the team and allows the team to become a platform for other players to excel from.

Management articles and classes regularly discuss this and the importance of mixing roles and personalities in a team. Meanwhile, it is rather unusual for vocational classes and articles to enter this subject in depth. By analyzing and reflecting of your roles in your daily team situations, you can find opportunities to contribute more to the team and show off yourself as a key player.

In this session we’ll look into different team situations from inside the team and discuss how we can adapt ourselves to boost the team by making an active choice of which role to take and emphasizing (or understating) personality traits.


Niklas Hansson tackles evolving business cases in a hardware dependent environment on a daily basis and strives towards continuous deployment in a security-heavy market. His love for teamwork has made him a proponent for agile thinking and the open source movement. Niklas works at Axis Communications as a software engineer.

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