26 Aug


Test Gamification

AW Seminar



We will begin with meet and greet at 17.30

Presentation starts at 17.45

Break for something to eat and drink will take place at 18.30

The regression test game – One way of making regression test more inspiring

Inspired by a session about gamification of regression test we created the regression test game to with team collaboration make regression test more fun! Because testers that have more fun, get better ideas and find more bugs.

Within my Team at Qlik we looked for ways to make the team more motivated during regression test. Regression test is usually not something you look forward to, but something you do because you feel it is necessary. We wanted to be inspired, so that we would find the most critical bugs and get good test coverage.

This session is the story about how we created the regression test game, the results and reflections afterwards. Hopefully you will be inspired to finding new ways of handling your regression test or any kind of software test.

After the break we will exchange ideas on how we can improve the regression test game or other ways of making regression test more inspiring. The rules you set for the game controls the result you get. What do you want the result to be and how do you set the rules to get this result.

Speaker: Mirja Sellberg

Mirja Sellberg has been working with Software testing since 2006 as a consultant at Sony Mobile, Ikea and Gambro. She is now working as a test engineer at Qlik in a great team that inspires to find new ways of looking at test. Mirja Sellberg is not a gamer, but comes from a family with a long tradition of playing board games and the regression test game is inspired by these types of games.

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