08 May


Design Pattern Group - Mediator and Front Controller

ØSCG meetup



Welcome to the next meet-up of

Øresund Software Craftsmanship Group

This will be our first Design Pattern Meet-up and we will talk about the patterns Mediator ( and Front Controller (

Everyone who attend need to familiarise themselves with the patterns beforehand. Follow the links above and read about them. It is also great if you take the time to think about where you may have used them, knowingly or not. Or where you think you would have used them had you known about them previously.

During the meet-up we will discuss the patterns. Where is it good practice to implement them. How would we go about implementing them. Why would we not use them. And so on.

We will start at 17:30 with mingle and beer and have a break for pizza around 19:00.

Please also join in the conversation on our Google Group or LinkedIn Group.

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