10 Apr


SOLID Components

ØSCG meetup



Øresund Software Craftsmanship Group

We will begin this evening with Meet, Greet, Pizza and Beer.

The film begins at 17.45-ish

Welcome to the next ØSCG meet up. It’s time for another video casts this time. Uncle Bob will explain the concepts of the six principles about SOLID Component Design. Last meet up before Christmas we leant about the SOLID principles. We also found out that there are another six principles about components. This got us very curios since most of us didn’t know about them. This time we will get an introduction to the subject. After the film we will debate the subject in a fish bowl, as usual.

We will round up with a bit of planning for of subjects for coming events this spring.

Please also join in the conversation on our Google Group or LinkedIn Group.

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Avega Group

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