19 Mar


Getting started with iOS development

Evening Course



Instead of the classic 1-day course intensive, this new 2-evening series will take place over the course of a week and include homework. This scheduling benefits the attendee by allowing time for the first evening's material to process in the one's mind. The homework given helps ideas to develop, and the course then finishes with the second evening of course material, consolidating and deepening the knowledge and skilled gained.

To create apps for the iPhone and iPad is many developers’ dream, but it can be a bit daunting to get started: an unfamiliar language, a sometimes quirky IDE, and frustrating low-level issues.

This course will get you ready to start developing iOS apps. You’ll learn about some of the great features of Objective-C and the Cocoa APIs. You will create an app with several sub-screens in order to understand the most important iOS classes, and how an app should be structured in order to keep the code maintainable.

You will also learn how to debug your app, and how to get it ready to submit to the App Store!

Felix Holmgren has been making iOS apps since the original App Store gold rush, and created one of the first Swedish iPad apps in 2010. He has extensive experience and knowledge in iOS and

Cocoa technologies, from UI components to low-level details.

Prerequisites: experience with an object oriented programming language (e.g. Java, C++, ActionScript); a laptop running OS X 10.8 and Xcode.

What you’ll learn:

• Find your way around Xcode.

• Objective-C: understanding the basics.

• The fundamental classes that make up an iOS app.

• Common types of classes in Cocoa, and their responsibilities (views, controls, controllers, delegates).

• How to structure your code for maintainability using common Cocoa paradigms.

• The basics of creating a user interface graphically in Xcode.

• How to make simple network requests from your app.

• Some important tools for better code: notifications, KVO, blocks.

• Basic debugging techniques in Xcode.

• How to build your app for beta distribution or for upload to App Store.

• Information about some the most popular open source frameworks for iOS.

The course includes documentation, coffee/tea and sandwich.


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