26 Mar


Gorgeous and Genius - Visualisation to explore data

AW Seminar




17.30 - Meet and Greet

17.45 - Presentation - Gorgeous and Genius - Visualisation to explore data

18.30 - Something to eat and drink

19.00 - Discussion about Visualisation possibilities

Presentation abstract

Visualization is amazingly compelling. We’re using human visual insight to see outliers, happenings, trends, and even correlations in complex data in a way we could never do it with rows and columns. Charts have been used for a very long time, not sophisticated ones but simple ones at the very least, but what has changed is that these charts can now be interactive. With the speed of technology today user are able to navigate through data and interact with visuals themselves to explore data.

Join us in a presentation that starts with the theory behind visualization and continuous with how we can build upon the natural skills of humans to get the most out of our visualisations. Finally we demonstrate this through some of our interactive visualisations and how we through genius data management and gorgeous visualizations can interact with data as quickly as we think to gain insights.


Patrik Lundblad holds a PhD in visualisation & interaction from Linköping University. Patrik joins QlikTech from NComVA, a Swedish company specialising in advanced visualisation technology recently acquired by QlikTech. NComVA AB began as an advanced visualisation think tank within the National Center for Visual Analytics (NCVA), a respected European research visualisation laboratory

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