19 Feb


Behavior Driven Development

ØSCG meetup



Øresund Software Craftsmanship Group

This time we will have our first speaker at ØSCG. Enrico Campidoglio will explain the concepts of Behaviour Driven Development. He will tak us through both the theoretical and the piratical parts of BDD using Conway’s Game of Life ('s_Game_of_Life) as the domain.

After the break we will ge a chance to practice BDD, using the same domain. To take part in the workshop you will need a laptop with a pre-installed programming environment. The language and tools should be something you feel comfortable using. A test framework is also required, and if a BDD framework is available this is an extra plus.

Øresund Software Craftsmanship Group (ØSCG) is a loosely organised group of aspiring software crafts(wo)men who meet the second Thursday of the month to improve our craft. We do so by learning from each other and others. In-between the meet-ups you will find us at our Google Group or LinkedIn Group. Hope to see you at the next meet-up.


Start at 17:30 with mingle, pizza and beer.

17:45ish Enrico's BDD presentation

18:45ish Break with some more mingle and beer

19:10ish Coding session where we practice BDD. Make sure to bring a laptop.

20:30ish Topic for next meet-up.

Tags bdd craftsmanship geek software development

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