22 Jan


What are the gaps and how do we close them?

HTML5 Workshop




Mobile GameArch is a two year project, funded by the European Commission and initiated by a group of people concerned by the future of the mobile games industry in Europe: once the king of the pond and now lagging behind the USA, especially Silicon Valley and South-East Asia.

The project aims to identify the main barriers to growth for the European mobile games industry and to find concrete actions to remove these barriers and allow the growth of a strong, healthy and competitive industry.

The first year of the Mobile GameArch project found that device fragmentation could be addressed by middleware and/or HTML5. Some commercial barriers could possibly be addressed by getting the operators back into the value chain for games, as suppliers of Cloud services. Cloud services also promise a device independence which certainly has implications for the games industry.

Workshop focus

Facilitator; Magnus Robertsson, Planeto

HTML5 implementation issues

⁃ priorities in HTML5 implementation for mobile games

⁃ failed use-cases/workarounds

⁃ benchmarks – are there enough or do we need an HTML5 benchmark built by mobile game developers?

Target groups

Core target group: Game developers with experience in HTML5 for mobile implementations.

Secondary target group: Developers with HTML5 experience

Participant take-away

Your chance to contribute for a better HTML5 standard.

Workshop Result

Input for the continued HTML5 work, especially in relations with standards bodies such as W3C, but also in individual contacts with browser manufacturers.

This Workshop is done together with;

Nordic Game


Recommended book on HTML5

Bokomslag HTML5 Mastery: Semantics, Standards, and Styling (häftad)

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