Thursday 12 Sep 17:30

A lightweight platform for 70M daily users

AW Seminar


LEVEL: Intermediate

We will start with mingle and something nice to eat and drink.

Presentation starts at 18.00


King has grown to be one the worlds largest casual gaming companies, and boasts more than 70 million daily users on one of the many games on both mobile and Facebook. The architecture to support this needs to scale efficiently, but without compromising on the high demands for analytics.

The talk will give an overview of where we decoupled systems to reduce dependencies and bottlenecks, and why no database is good when used in the wrong way. There is also a high likelihood of a homage to the centralised metadata as tool for rapid development and organisational governance.


Mats-Olov Eriksson at has worked with BI, analytics and software development in various environments. He is a popular and celebrated speaker in the Big-Data area and presents he´s view in his own and personal manner. He holds a deep knowledge and interest is system architecture of scale and data architecture.

At Mats-Olov is heading a team of system and data architects who all work with refining the value of the billions of records the team extract from games every day.

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