16 Oct


Beautiful Builds

Master Class



Beautiful Builds in .NET with Roy Osherove

This course is cancelled.

This is an one day course

The Problem

Being able to deliver fast, and get feedback fast, is a necessary requirement for any kind of agility in software development. But most of our builds, if we have any, look like pieces of gum and string hanging together, held together with some spit. Many projects are barely able to deliver something every month. We will cover:


In this workshop we will learn common patterns and anti patterns for automating the build process, making builds fast, and continuously deliver, while still being able to maintain and understand our builds scripts and process, based on

1. Understand how automated build scripts and continuous integration servers work best together

2. Know how to choose the right tools for build scripts and CI based on common and future build requirements, such as auto scaling, amount of projects, ease of maintenance etc.

3. Learn common solutions and patterns for making builds faster, maintainable and coherent

4. Understand database migrations and upgrades

5. Understand advanced features of CI systems such as branch builds, gated commits, artifact sharing, build chaining, and when to use them

6. Learn to create a holistic view of the build process, build environments, and the delivery process


All students get a PDF of all the slides in the course, in downloadable form.

Agenda - Day 1 (09:00-16:00)

1. Comparison of build script and CI tooling

2. Build Script Patterns

3. CI Patterns

4. Build Process Patterns

5. Database Migrations and Upgrade Patterns

6. Build and Delivery Environments

About Roy Osherove

Roy Osherove is the chief scientist at, and the author of The Art Of Unit Testing and Notes to a software team leader. He is also one of the original ALT.NET organizers. He is now in the process of writing a book on Beautiful Builds.

He consults and trains teams worldwide on the gentle art of unit testing, test-driven development and how to lead software teams. He frequently speaks at international conferences on these topics and others.

Please note that the registration is a pre-registration. You will be able to pay via invoice, if you want.

The course includes documentation, coffee/tea and lunch


Tags .net build ci programming

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