28 May


RubyMotion & Reactive Cocoa





17.30 – Welcome! Grab a beer or coffee and meet old and new friends.

18.00 – RubyMotion, presentation by Felix Holmgren

Felix Holmgren has been developing iOS apps as a consultant for more than four years, and works as a Ruby programmer at TopVisible in Malmö since last year. Apart from dynamic languages, his current passion is concurrent programming.

Felix will introduce the RubyMotion toolchain, which is an LLVM-based platform for building Cocoa apps using Ruby and a command line-based workflow. RubyMotion just turned 1 year old, and now supports OS X as well as iOS development. Felix will talk about some of the semantic similarities between Objective-C and Ruby and show off some of the nifty stuff that can happen when Cocoa meets Ruby.

18.30 – Pizza, more beer

19.00 – Reactive Cocoa, presentation by Gustaf Lindqvist

Gustaf Lindqvist is a mathematician and programmer. He is working as a freelancer with much experience in iOS and Cocoa programming.

Gustaf will talk about reactive programming and how it can help you write less and more structured code. The topic has grown quite popular in the Cocoa/iOS community since GitHub released the library ReactiveCocoa.

19.40 – Lightning talks/open stage

21.00 – If anyone is left, they'll get kicked out.


Tags geek ios objective-c programming rubymotion

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