22 May


Optimized for Flow

AW Seminar



We will begin this evening with mingle, pizza and beer.

Presentation starts at 18.00

The red brick cancer

Time is valuable, and when it is gone, it is gone. Are you focusing on flow or just keeping yourself busy? How much has the red brick cancer spread in your processes? In this session we will talk about time. We will explore the differences between systems with high resource efficiency and systems focused on flow efficiency. We take a look at how to remove the red brick cancer in your processes. You will learn how to understand and improve the end to end flow in your system.

Toyota Kata

Toyota Kata is two behavior patterns, or Kata’s, that is the foundation in Toyota’s continuous improvement work. In this session you will get a practical introduction to Toyota Kata. You will see how a team goes through the two Kata’s and improves its way of working.

Continuous Delivery

In this talk, I’ll share experiences from implementing continuous delivery in an organization with a target lead time of less than one hour. Continuous delivery is a method to create an agile company using standardization, processes alignment and automation. The talk describes methodology used, common problems and effects that came from the change.


Håkan Forss, Lean/Agile coach, author, public speaker, system architect and developer with project and team leader experience. Håkan coaches, mentors and teaches Lean and Agile thinking, methods and tools to individuals, teams and organizations. He develops people’s ability to learn and continuous improve how work is done.

Daniel Fröding, Lean and Agile principles that makes development form idea all the way to the customer as efficient as possible is what Daniel is passionate about. Agile processes (scrum, kanban), continuous delivery and DevOps movement are all steps in the right direction. He is currently building a team that help organizations tune everything into a highly effective development factory.

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