08 Oct


The "Being" and "Doing" Work of an Agile Coach - Lyssa Adkins & Michael Spayd

Coach Agile Teams



We will start with mingle at 17.30 and the session begins at 18.00.

Would you like to help your team transition into the "joyful pursuit of acting as a high performance team?" Do you want to understand what you should be "doing" as an Agile coach, but also how to "be" a coach? More and more frequently, ScrumMasters and project managers are being asked to coach agile teams. This challenging role requires new skills - as well as a subtle understanding of when to step in and when to step back. Migrating from "command and control" to agile coaching requires a whole new mind-set. This leaves many wondering, "What is my role in a self-organized team? How do I help the team yet stay hands-off?" "Is this a leadership role, or not?" It is easy to go too far to either extreme - some take too much control, while others leave the team too much alone to "self-organize".

In this session, Lyssa Adkins and Michael K. Spayd explore the world of Agile Coaching and the related discipline of professional coaching, providing a framework for thinking about our new disciipline, the new competencies it requires, and the new way of being that makes it all work.

Lyssa Adkins

Since 2004, I have taught Scrum to hundreds of students, coached many agile teams, and served as master coach to many apprentice coaches. In both one-on-one settings and small groups, I enjoy a front-row seat as remarkable agile coaches emerge and go on to entice the very best from the teams they coach. Prior to agile, I had more than fifteen years of expertise leading project teams and groups of project managers (I was even a PMO Director — twice!), yet nothing prepared me for the power of agile done simply and well.

Michael Spayd

In a word, my professional work is about transformation. I seem to be wired to help people–and systems–change. I am drawn to cutting edge ‘technologies’ for coaching and developing organizations, leaders and teams. I have worked as an organizational change coach and consultant for more than 20 years, working with Fortune 500, small businesses and non-profits. For 11 years I have specialized in large-scale Agile transformation efforts, working with numerous organizations, leaders, and over 75 teams in that time.

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