31 May


Closing the loop - How Agile can help you to create more user friendly solutions

Breakfast seminar



We will start with breakfast between 07.30-08.00

The presentation "Closing the loop - How Agile can help you to create more user friendly solutions" will begin at 08.00 and continue to roughly 09.00


When you develop software with Scrum, you are suppose to test your software as early as possible to get feedback, the best testing is done by the customer, however when you work with mobile phones it is not so easy to get in touch with the customers and the mobile industry often want to keep their development confidential. Most companies who work with web-applications (Google, Facebook, Twitter etc.) have developed a way to test and get fast feedback from their end-users, it is slightly more complicated when it comes to the mobile industry, the mobile industry has always been extremely concerned about leaking information – everything is “secret”. The mobile industry often use 6-12 month to develop a new product, new software is created, after releasing the phone, it takes another 6-12 month before the learning’s from the last release hit the customer.

We have a strong focus on delighting the customer and brining them the best possible experience, this require that we have a high focus on our first delivery and that we constantly analyze an update the products.

This presentation is about how we make this work at Sony Mobile.

Rune Hvalsøe started to work in the mobile industry as a software developer for Nokia Copenhagen from 1999 to 2007. In 2007, Rune and two other Nokians went to Beijing to build up an new department, transfer knowledge from Copenhagen to Beijing, He tried to use Scrum in 2008 and realized how it could help the teams to work in a much more flexible way, how it could give the developers a much stronger commitment and pleasure in their work.

Rune returned to Nokia Copenhagen in 2009 and was part of the Agile transformation that Nokia went through, he decided to leave Nokia in 2011 just before they announced that they would close the Copenhagen site, he started to work at Sony(Ericsson) as a section manager for 15-20 developers. They have done a lot of things during the last two years, this presentation is one of them…


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