19 Sep


CQRS Workshop - Allard Buijze

Master Class



This Workshop has been postponed to later date, not determine yet.


This introductory workshop is a good way to get a brief overview of the possibilities of CQRS and how they can be applied using the Axon Framework. The workshop divides the available time into roughly half theory, while the other half of time is available for several labs, where you learn the concepts hands-on.

Attendees will gain insight into how a CQRS-based architecture can help build scalable, extensible and high-performance applications. The training contains a large number of hands-on labs allowing attendees to directly apply the theory in practice. Many of these labs will involve actual development of CQRS components using the Axon Framework.


The workshop aims at giving a thorough overview of the possibilities of CQRS and Axon.

The following topics will be covered in this workshop:

Introduction to CQRS

Architecture and building blocks

Event Sourcing

Task based user interfaces

Domain Modeling

Introduction to Bounded Contexts, Entities, Aggregates and Value Objects

Choosing Aggregate boundaries

Basic introduction to the Axon framework

Advanced transaction management

Testing CQRS applications

The labs contain both design and coding exercises that will be executed in small teams. The latter will be done using the Axon Framework.

Prerequisites for the attendees

For the developing attendees, a good understanding of the Java language is required. Enterprise application development experience is an advantage. Developers are expected to bring their own laptop with the IDE of their choice.

For non-developing attendees, it is useful if they have some affinity with Java, although practical coding-experience is not required. The labs are organized in such a manner, that developers and non-developers are mixed to enable interesting discussions and learn from each other's point-of-view.

Allard Buijze

is software architect at Orange11 (now a part of the Trifork A/S group), and is an Amsterdam based company that delivers software development, consultancy and training services to both national and international organizations. As an architect, he is responsible for the technical choices in his projects and investigates technologies for their potential in the diversity of projects Orange11 does. For the last decade, he has been developing and designing enterprise applications for both large-scale and smaller projects. His focus has always been on clean application design, maintainability and testing. The training of co-developers is a very important part thereof. Allard has given several trainings in the areas of test driven development, application design and clean coding. He strongly believes that good craftsmanship can only be achieved through continuous and intensive exchange of experience with others. The last years, he has been investigating and applying CQRS to a number of projects. As a result, he founded the Axon Framework, an open source Java framework that helps developers create scalable and extensible applications by providing the building blocks that CQRS based infrastructures typically require. Axon has an active and growing community and has already been used to successfully realize several projects around the world. Allard has previously presented at NL-JUG, GOTO conference (f.k.a. JAOO), Jazoon and several smaller conferences.

Lunch, coffee, fruits and documentation is included.

Tags architecture axon cqrs framework java

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