Tuesday 27 Nov 17.30

Why penetration testing sucks

Critical Tech Meetup


LEVEL: Intermediate

A call for security maturity!

The field of IT Sec is a maze of various attempts and techniques to limit exposure to risk. 

One common technique is penetration testing, which aims at helping organizations to become more resilient against security threats.  

However, traditional penetration testing methods vary, and are sometimes not as efficient as expected. In particular, it does not always solve the root cause of security bugs. 

Attempting to shed light on the concept of penetration testing, Emma will be talking about building a more profound solution to IT sec. She’ll also be addressing culture as a means to more efficiently mitigate risk and make the concept of IT-sec more accessible to non IT-sec expert. Additionally, Emma will discuss that by using SecDevOps, security issues will be approached in a more efficient and sustainable way. 

17.30 Meet & greet

17.45 Presentation by Emma Lilliestam

18.30 Meet & eat

19.00 Q&A


Emma Lilliestam has been fascinated by security since her teens and always wanted to become a cool penetration tester. Today, she is the House of Tests' security expert and a real IT security insider.

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