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Webpack in a nutshell



Webpack in a nutshell

As a JavaScript developer, Webpack is one of those final bosses that you'll have to face to defeat to obtain the glory and the praise of an almighty packer. It is often misunderstood, hard to work with, boring, and if it works, you don't dare to touch it. If that sounds familiar to you, this is an event is for you. If your project is using Webpack and you want to get a solid understanding of this mighty tool and why it exists at all, welcome aboard. If you have a slow build process but you don't know how to identify the bottleneck to make it faster, this is a great starting point.

In this event, I plan to shed some lights on the mysterious Webpack to show that it isn't as scary as it seems. To explain what Webpack can or can't do, how it works under the hood, what its role is, and a deep dive into some of its great capabilities so that by the end of the talk, you can look at Webpack more confidently with joy.

Speaker bio:

Ali is a JavaScript enthusiast who is mostly involded in frontend projects. He is passionate about toolings and development process focusing on application performance and optimizing the delivery yield. He likes to read and talk about what's happening in the frontend development world and daydream about what the future will be like for frontend developers. He also likes cats and memes, so you know what goes down in his presentations!


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19.00-20.00 Q & A

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