Monday 11 Jun 17:30

101 Docker and Kubernetes

DevOps Skåne


Introduction to Docker and Kubernetes for newbies. What is Docker? What is the difference between Docker and VM? Concept of image, container and registry. What is container orchestration, and how Kubernetes serves the purpose of container orchestration. No hands on or coding involve.

About Jahid Shohel:

I have undergraduate in computer science and masters in distributed systems. I have more then 15 years of work experience, that includes startup to big organisation like Sony. Recently I have started at IKEA.


17:30-17:45 Meet and Greet

17:45-18:30 101 Docker and Kubernetes with Jahid Shohel

18:30-19:00 Pizza break

19-00- ~~~  Continue 101 Docker and Kubernetes

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