Saturday 25 Nov 9.00

ada_conf 0



We proudly present ada_conf 0 

ada_conf is like any other IT-conference, but only for women and trans people.

It is a collaboration between Foo Cafe and Pink Programming.

The event is completly vegan, if you have any other special diet contact

If you want to sponsor us or know someone who should contact

More information, like schedule and FAQ can be found at

Most workshops require that you bring your own computer. Talks don't require any tooling.

The conference has three tracks.


Accessibility for Everyone – Laura Kalbag


A consumer label for the Internet of Things – Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino

A tour of the early Internet – Dax Murray

IoT, smartmeters and privacy – Dina Musalam

AI and Science – Dr Abbey Waldron

Cypher and the Paradise Papers – Louise Söderström

Experiential Design – Clara Leivas


Hello World!/Super basics of html/css – Magdalena Stenius

Configuration file hacks – Ester Daniel Ytterbrink

Digital Self Defense – Emma Lilliestam

Usability testing – Katrine Kavli

Functional Programming and Test Driven Development – Stina Qvarnström

Git commit workshop

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