Monday 16 Oct 17:30

Artificial Intuition — the What, How and Why?

Foo Talks with Mattias Paulsson from Lytics


What is Artificial Intuition and why do we need it?

Is there a magnificent future waiting when we embrace this new technology, and what stands in its way?

In a totally new (for us) foormat we present a conversation between Mattias Paulsson from Lytics and Ester Daniel Ytterbrink from Foo Café. Mattias will answer our questions, asked through Ester Daniel about Artificial Intuition. There will be a great conversation going and we hope you will find it as interesting and inspiring as we do. 

Mattias Paulsson has a background in business so the focus will be less on technical implementations and more on practical uses and future challenges. Today Mattias runs Lytics, after 15 years in medtech and is thrilled to be a part of the healthcare transformation.


17.30-17.45 – Meet & Greet

17.45 -18.15 – Mattias is interviewed by Ester Daniel

18.15-19.00 – Break with something to eat and a chance to hand Ester Daniel more questions

19.15-19.30 – Mattias answers the questions collected during the break

There will be more beer and a chance to stay and talk after the second part. 

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