Saturday 23 Sep 09:30

Hands-on web application security training



LEVEL: Intermediate

Come and learn web application security in practise in a fun and inspiring way. You will use a pre-configured lab computer together with a web application with purposely built common web vulnerabilities for you to exploit. Each step will start with a lesson that explains a security concept and will be followed by a challenge for you to solve by exploiting a common web application vulnerability. They will start out easy and be harder and harder the longer you progress. This training is suited for both a security novice as a security professional.

The hands on session will begin with an introduction to web application security testing, the tools hackers are using and how to think like a hacker. We will be using Security Shepard as a platform.

Martin Öberg

Martin started programming on a C128D back in the eighties and hasn’t stopped programming since. Today he works as Security Architect at Visma with a focus on SecDevOps. He is also an DevOps and Continuous Delivery evangelist who really likes fast bikes.

Per Olsson

Ex-developer (that’s still programming). 12+ years of programming. Application Security Engineer at Visma Spcs with focus Automation. Per has a passion for privacy, lock picking and passwords.

Per Kronström

Background in operations of web applications. Works today as SaaS Security Manager in Visma with responsibility of internal security testing services.


09.30-10.00 – Breakfast, meet and greet

10.00-12.00 – First session

12.00-13.00 – Lunch

13.00-16.00 – Second session

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