Thursday 17 Aug 17:30

Collective Intelligence



LEVEL: Beginner


Martina Bacurova and Marco Valente are doing a workshop around the theme of Collective Intelligence: research and practice of how to weave individual knowledge and intelligence into team capacity to solve complex problems.


Martina and Marco are working as facilitators and have noticed that many teams (including tech teams) have to solve complex challenges at high speed and without all information available; based on the work and feedback that we receive, we believe our processes and insights can prove valuable to teams such as media and tech teams that revolve around Foo Café.


It will cover themes such as:

- research on a team's higher performance, and what drives it;

- maximizing the intelligence of a collective of people to solve complex problems;

- sourcing unique knowledge and creativity from all team members;

- avoiding the pitfalls of groupthink;

- what a team leader or a facilitator can practically do to apply this in her / his work

Format: theory; interaction; take home.

A 3 hrs, interactive workshop; In English.

It will cover the basics of the latest research and sound theory (we are reading quite a bit about this lately); will have applications in real life through interactive components; and take-home reflections on how to apply this into a context relevant to the facilitation and team-leading work they do.


Marco Valente is an independent dialogic consultant and sustainability expert.

His main interests are about providing the dialogic techniques that help teams tackle intractable problems and chart a common way forward together, for example when teams have to solve sustainability challenges. His passion is in providing support for evidence based decision making at the intersection between people's narratives, scientific expertise, and policy makers. He recently founded Plecter, a purpose-driven consulting to increase the quality of our decisions on complex issues through the use of such dialogic methods.

Previously he has been part of the pedagogy faculty of the Masters in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability at the Blekinge Institute of Technology in Karlskrona, Sweden.

Martina Bacúrová is a psychologist and trainer focusing on team development and participatory planning.

Her main professional interests are social and health psychology, more specifically group dynamics, positive factors in workplaces and social influence. She is aiming for bridging academic research with the practice of team work. Her main tools are facilitation, active learning and knowledge sharing among participants.

Previously she has been working as a researcher for Czech Technical University in Prague, focusing on social aspects of sustainable development.

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