Wednesday 28 Jun 17:45

IoT business case brainstorm

Critical Tech Meetup


LEVEL: Intermediate

Based on the talk from the 22nd of March, Johan and Farnaz will hold a workshop in which you can put your heads together and think about various forms of IoT appliances with the usage of sensors. Johan gave us quite a good idea already in his talk "Do you know your digital footprint?". The description of the March event you see below:

"Sensors are being installed in more and more places, they are small and you might not even know that you are being registered. Data about you will be collected in more ways than you can imagine, and sometimes the data can give more personal information about you than you or the owner of the device had anticipated. Come and hear Johan talk about information revealed from the simplest of sensors that may be on the edge of what you want people to know. He will also give you an overview of where the technology is today and share some of the other lessons learned while working with IoT devices."

This time more interactive and together with Farnaz, Johan will hold a workshop on IoT business cases. They will address the following:

Are you working with IoT, do you have any ideas, where IoT could be applied to solve your problem or are you just curious to know more about what you can do with IoT? Farnaz and Johan are hosting a workshop where the goal is to evaluate possible usage of different sensors in different business verticals. They have some suggestions prepared, but will modify depending on the experience of the participants. The goal is as much a way to learn about brainstorming as a business development method in general as to find potential new applications for IoT. For example, sensors can measure our bodily functions such as body heat, humidity and thus draw conclusion about its environment. How can these conclusion be used? And for what?We hope you will join us in this inspiring event.


Johan Broddfelt works as a consultant and develops business applications.

Farnaz Motamediyan: Co-organizer of critical teach, huge interest in data science and analytics.

Organizers of this event: The Critical Tech Meetup. Check also out their profile Critical Tech Meetup!

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