10 May


From Desktop to Responsive design

After Work Seminar



It can be a real challenge to convert from a server side whole page desktop site to a responsive design with client side logic. Having over 600 different customers already using the desktop version and expecting seamless upgrades does not make this journey any easier.

This event will focus on approaches and techniques used to accomplish a transformation from a traditional desktop design to a responsive one, adaptive for all devices. If you are interested in front end and/or responsive design you will most probably get some great takeaways from this session.


Mathias Lagerwall is co founder and CTO at Netset AB and has been working as a full stack developer for roughly 20 years.

Daniel Juzovitskij is working with front end design at Netset AB, and has been responsible for the front end part in the responsive project.


17.30 - Meet & Greet

17.45 - Presentation

18.30 - Break with something to eat and drink

19.00 - Presentation part 2 - Q&A


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