Friday 24 Mar 16:30

Decentralised ethical technologies

Decent #1


LEVEL: Beginner

DecentA monthly gathering in Malmö for people working on decentralised, zero-knowledge, free and open, interoperable ethical technologies.We begin at 16.30 with meet & greet.16.45 - Introduction 17.00 - First talk by Matthias Buus and & Yoshua Wuyts (, Dat ProjectDat is a secure and distributed package manager for data. It is widely used, including recently to backup the open data released by the White House under Barack Obama before it was deleted by Donald Trump’s administration. 17.10 - Second talk by Irina Shestak ( me, maybe? An intro to UDPThis fast, transaction oriented($ $ bills y'all), stateless, and very clumsy(ahem, dropped packets) is used to establish host-to-host communication via datagram sockets. But what does it all really mean? Let's take a look into Transport Layer's finest work - User Datagram Protocol.17.20 - Third talk by Anna Lykke Lundholm-AndersenSustainabilismSustainablism is a new political philosophy that seeks to show a sustainable alternative path both at macro and micro level in all aspects of our lives including economical, professional, political, and personal. First dogma: we must stop lying about our motives, least of all to our selves.17.30 - Break with something to eat18.00 - Fourth talk by Claes Wallin ( is a functional package manager. What does that mean? How is it different from, say, dpkg or rpm, and how can it help me manage my systems and develop software? How can we help it take over the world? And what does Nix have to do with all this?18.10 - Fifth talk by Laura Kalbag, Accessible by designHow we incorporate accessibility into our development process and you should too.18.20 - Sixth talk by Aral Balkan, Introducing the is gearing up to build the second prototype of a decentralised, free/open, zero-knowledge, interoperable network. Aral will outline the vision, architecture, and also where they can use help. Introducing the Indienet18.30 - Discussion and mingle

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