Wednesday 22 Feb 18:00

Implant tech and human hacking

Smash The Stack


LEVEL: Intermediate


Chris Hadnagy -

Chris Hadnagy, the worlds best social engineer, founder of, author, Defcon black badge holder, SECTF founder & professional red teamer.

When Chris was a bored teenager he even wrote a script for fun that ended up taking out 60% of all the phone numbers in the USA, in one day!

On the night Chris will be talking about the 4 main areas of human hacking and will cover how to exploit and defend them, Chris will also share stories from real-world hacking and red team engagements.

Jowan Österlund - BIOHAX

Biohax is a company that specialises in implant technology, whose mission is to turn the internet of things into the internet of us. Jowan will bring samples, explain the current uses of the technology, the possibilities, the limitations and how we can hack it to extend functionality, including novel ways to store crypto wallets or deliver payloads by implants.

+ The beloved Pizza & Beer break & other security related shenanigans

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