Tuesday 21 Feb 17:30

Use of Customer Insights for Innovation

ProductTank Malmö


LEVEL: Intermediate

Please note that the date has changed to Tuesday February 21st.

Product Tank Malmö

First Malmö ProductTank of the year! We're kicking off with a talk about customer driven innovation by our guest speaker Rahul Venkatram. Then continue with the usual discussions, food and drinks, etc...

Please note that the time is different than last season: we start at 17.30 instead. Looking forward to seeing you there. Cheers.

/Martin and Erik


* Intro

* Presentation: "Use of Customer Insights for Innovation"

* BYOP - Bring Your Own Problem

* Pizza, beer and more product discussions

Presentation: "Use of Customer Insights for Innovation"

Most companies either have a “R&D driven” or a “Customer driven” approach towards innovation. And more often than not, these methodologies fail in giving a realistic picture of the “true value of innovation”. I would like to introduce something known as “Outcome driven innovation” and discuss why this is a better and more practical approach. We are currently using this methodology in my company and I would like to share some insights.

About the speaker

Rahul Venkatram is a graduate from the Faculty of Engineering in Lund University. He has over 13 years of experience working in technology companies, with 9 years in Ericsson and SONY in various leadership roles. Rahul currently works as a Product Manager in Bruel and Kjær, a Danish company that produces measurement systems in the field of noise and vibration.

About BYOP

Through our BYOP ("Bring Your Own Problem") discussions, you can bring a problem you are currently facing and let other product managers come with ideas on how to approach you challenge. This is an interactive presentation combined with smaller group discussions on a topic that is important to you.

Who are the organizers?

ProductTank Malmö is run by Martin Müntzing and Erik Starck, both with experience of product management in small startups and large corporations. With this meetup series, we hope to reach product people interested in business strategy, market research, analytics, planning processes, customer experience, and much more.

If interest is high enough, ProductTank will run as a monthly event. To get inspired, learn about upcoming events, and give us feedback, please join the discussion on meetup.com. 

What is ProductTank?

Founded in London in 2010, ProductTank is an informal meetup that brings together the local product community in over 70 cities around the world – whether they’re product managers, designers, or developers – to share their experience and knowledge.

Read more about ProductTank, and join a global product management community, at producttank.com.

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