Wednesday 01 Feb 17:30

How to contribute to the Linux Kernel

Linux Kernel Developer Meeting


LEVEL: Advanced

The Linux kernel is at the heart of many products and applications today, but do you know anyone working on it?Are you interested in the Linux kernel and want to contribute?Perhaps you are a kernel developer that want to connect to the "web of trust"?Join us for some short talks about working with the Linux kernel and how to get started in the community.You'll have the opportunity to meet and network with active kernel developers.The organisersJesper Nilsson, Long time Unix and Linux developer, since 8 years the maintainer for the Axis CRIS port of Linux working with Linux kernel drivers and debugging for Axis SoC processors.Hans Holmberg has worked as a kernel developer for the Open Source Technology Center at Intel for the past three years and is currently teaching a course on Linux Kernel Development at ITU in Copenhagen.Ian Kumlien, researcher at Ericsson with a past in system administration and build systems at ST-Ericsson and Ericsson. David Henningsson is involved in Linux audio, and formerly employed by Canonical.Niklas Cassel working at Axis with Linux kernel and drivers, PCIe and Ethernet amongst others.”Robert Fekete, Linux promoter at Volvo Cars, previously Linux Kernel Gfx developer at Intel Open Source Technology Center, and before that driving the "Linuxification" of mobile platforms at Ericsson and ST-Ericsson from a multimedia perspective.Axis CommunicationsAbout the Lund Linux Conference:Active since 2013, we are a group of kernel developers that try to promote and increase the community around the Linux kernel in Øresund region.Our main event is the Lund Linux Conference (LLC for short) which we've run each May.It's a 2-day conference, with talks, panels and general meetings.Last year we were 80 people from a number of different companies.

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