22 Nov


Using visualization for sensor data analysis





Internet of things (IoT) can be roughly defined as a setting where different kind of objects could be made to sense, network or even process some sort of data. The core idea is that these objects should communicate with one another or even with other devices and service over the Internet. These kind of settings, designed to address different issues, such as patient monitoring (eHealth), resource consumption (smart housing) or monitoring vehicle operation help in improving and potentially saving lives and/or advancing business processes. But, they also introduce many challenges. One such challenge is that these applications, especially the ones relying on sensors or sensor networks introduce a lot of complex data, i.e., they produce Big Data. Dealing with Big Data is an ongoing challenge that has been tackled using various techniques, from statistical methods, computational based algorithms, Artificial Intelligence to the Information Visualization and/or Visual Analytics (VA) techniques. The focus of this presentation is on the role of the VA techniques for aiding the decision support when dealing with sensor data.


We begin with meet and greet at 17.00

Presentation starts at 17.15

There will be a break with something lighter to eat at 18.00

The event ends at 19.00

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