Thursday 24 Nov 17:30

Big Data & Docker



LEVEL: Intermediate



Big Data - Now and the Future

Big data is becoming increasingly common and with it, the need for different forms of distributed computing to handle the data. This session will look on two tools, Hadoop and Spark, which are aiming to solve the issues caused by big data. As the area of big data is still volatile, with new and different tools being introduced at a fast rate, the session will end with some speculation and thoughts about the direction and future for tools like Hadoop and Spark.

Oscar Nihlgård

Oscar Nihlgård is a student at Lunds Tekniska Högskola, studying computer science. He has written a bachelor thesis on the usage of Hadoop and Spark at smaller scales (Distribuera mera - Spark och Hadoop utan Big Data, 2016).

Docker for Everyone

In this talk you will see how you can dockerize all your dependencies and have a common development environment shared in your team. We take a simple Spring Boot application with common dependencies like Redis and PostgreSQL and create an environment that is version controlled and can be handled with ease. Attending the talk does not require prior experience with Docker.

Laszlo Fogas

Laszlo Fogas spent the last five years building, a Saas based startup company in Copenhagen. In this pepriod the company grew from 3 to 200 people, the stack transitoned from a monlithic JBoss application to a set of (micro)services in seven bounded contexts. This experience gave Laszlo the perspective to appreciate teams big and small alike. Laszlo recently set out to do consulting to apply his experience in new environments, spreading the Devops principles he has seen working in action.


17:30 - Welcome and Mingle

17:45 - 18:30 - Big Data - Now and the Future - Oscar Nihlgård


19:00 - 19:45 - Docker for Everyone - Laszlo Fogas

19:45 - ......... - Discussions and mingle

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