Tuesday 29 Nov 17:30

No organisation understands Digital Transformation

After Work seminar


LEVEL: Intermediate

Yesterday that was true. Digital Transformation (Digitalisering) is happening around us as we speak but very few people are thinking about the whole picture.

Some are focusing on sensors, gadgets and Big Data while others define their marketing and communication plan as their digital strategy. This is just business as usual. The big question around Digital Transformation is about what is not digital - what we really need and why we need it.

The winners will be those who can handle the continuous change and create value through synergies of different experiences and knowledge.

We have a chance in this region to become world leaders in the field of Digital Transformation and this event is the starting point. Since this will have to be a team effort, we are starting a user group around Digital Transformation here at Foo Café, so please join us.

In this event, the speakers Anders Kammenhed and Nicholas Alvén from ÅF will talk about how we satisfy people's needs by capturing the opportunities offered by the digital system. They will exemplify this by showing how digital transformation can impact the sustainable life cycle of residential buildings.

We begin at 17.30 with meet and greet. Presentation will start at 17.45. At 18.30 will there be a break with something lighter to eat.

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