Thursday 13 Oct 16:00

Startup Demo Session

Afternoon seminar


If you are a startup or small company working on a Connected Health related product or service, we invite you to share your ideas, frustrations and learnings in this Demo Session. Meet other entrepreneurs, compare ideas, find business partner and get business advice.

We will use the un-conference format allowing everyone who participates a few minutes on stage to present their ideas and engage the audience. If we have time, we will form groups for more in-depth discussions towards the end.

The event will partly take place in one of our meeting rooms, partly in the hallways. So bring all the swag you have: stickers, brochures, give-aways, roll-ups, ... and most importantly your product demo.

See you at the demo booth.

Note: Sandwiches and drinks will be served at the end of the event. And if you stay for the discussion around regulatory considerations, you might even get a chance to some pizza...

Spotlight on Connected Health, at Foo Café Malmö

This Foo Café event is part of a week-long conference putting the spotlight on Connected Health. We bring together people and organizations to exchange ideas and skills within e-health, mobile health, wearables and more. See the full conference schedule here.

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