Tuesday 25 Oct 17:30

Core-Edge Clustering

Neo4j Öresund


We will begin with meet and greet at 17.30. Presentation starts 17.45. There will be a break with pizza and beer around 18.30.


This session will cover the next generation of Neo4j clustering named Core-Edge. It is based on exciting and modern technology, including RAFT consensus and causal consistency. The intention is for it to replace the current HA master/slave solution and make the lives easier for developers and operators, as well as to enable plenty of future developments.


Martin Furmanski comes from a background of doing low-level power management, memory management and driver development for embedded platforms at Ericsson Mobile Platforms in Lund before joining Neo Technology 2 years ago. Since then he has continued working with low-level software at the core of the database as well as distributed systems aspects around the clustering support.


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