10 Oct


Keynote: 4 perspectives on Connected Health

Afternoon seminar



This event marks the start of the Connected Health themed conference week at Foo Café in Malmö, running October 10-14.

We kick it off by contrasting the perspectives of business owners, technology evangelists, local citizens and medical professionals

Marianne Larsson, Magnus Tägil, Jonas Ohlson, Niels Paarup-Petersen


Marianne Larsson, Innovation Director at Innovation Skåne, and Director of Nordic Connected Health Star Track

"Skåne and the Nordics Connecting the dots in global Health Tech"

Niels Paarup-Petersen, working with politics, education and communication for more and better connected health

"Break the rules of today to create health solutions for tomorrow"

Jonas Olsson, CEO/Co-founder of INCIO AB and executive advisor within wearables and IoT

"Listen to your heart - a new take on m-health"

Magnus Tägil, Medical Doctor and Professor at Skåne University Hospital

"Sjukvård 2.0- kan vi väcka björnen?"

After the presentations, we will keep the discussions going, and hope for you to share your learnings and opinions on Connected Health. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Note: Sandwiches and drinks will be served at the end of the event.

Spotlight on Connected Health, at Foo Café Malmö

This Foo Café event is part of a week-long conference putting the spotlight on Connected Health. We bring together people and organizations to exchange ideas and skills within e-health, mobile health, wearables and more. See the full conference schedule here.

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