Wednesday 12 Oct 17:30

E-health for You and for Me in the Internet

After-work seminar


LEVEL: Intermediate

eHealth is one of the fastest growing businesses within IoT today and an important area for growth at Sigma. We will share experiences from working with a medtech project in Consumer IoT. A project that will impact the life for You and Me. Topics covered are among other: * Multi-supplier challenges and the role of a design house* User experience when interacting with advanced, high technology things that might not always be connected Sigma IT ConsultingAbout the speakersMattias Zaunders is an IoT expert & Business Developer at Sigma. He has designed several successful Sigma services like SMP Meeting (Security app) and Sensation (IoT cloud service). Besides the Sigma employment he also holds an employment at Microsoft.Peter Kembro is heading the Software Design team at Sigma Connectivity. He has previously worked with IoT in Automotive and is now responsible for creating end-user value by realizing and connecting "things" to the Internet of Things.Helena Sandberg is an Android developer at Sigma Connectivity. Her most recent project was a heart screening system which enables users to monitor their health from home.Note: pizza, beer and other refreshments will be served during the event.Spotlight on Connected Health, at Foo Café Malmö This Foo Café event is part of a week-long conference putting the spotlight on Connected Health. We bring together people and organizations to exchange ideas and skills within e-health, mobile health, wearables and more. See the full conference schedule here.

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