Thursday 01 Sep 17:30

Docker for Frontenders



LEVEL: Intermediate


MalmöJS is a monthly meet-up for front-end web developer passionates who are pleased to share knowledge, problems and ideas with each other.

Arguments drifts around the HTML5 environment with a pitch on Web App development in Javascript and rich page design with CSS.

Tonight's Program

Docker is going to revolutionise the way we use and ship software. It is already happening and you are probably working close to a Docker enthusiast right now. The question is: “is Docker just a DevOp devilry?” … or can we use it to simplify our daily work environment? Of course the answer is “yes, we can!” (or I wouldn’t be writing this lines).

Tonight we are going to move some first steps with Docker on a Mac, we aim to run some famous services as MySQL, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, a NodeJS app and Wordpress. We’ll discover how to automate multiple services at once, work on local data that is being used by the running application and deal with the basic Docker environment.

What do you need tonight?

- a computer (I will use a Mac to run the examples)

- a brief understanding of the Terminal and command line interfaces

- a text editor

- the right stuff

Our Speaker

Marco Pegoraro is no Docker expert: he ran his first “Hello World” tutorial just 2 weeks ago and now he is here to share all the painful troubles that made him crying and lie awake during the first few nights. Anyway he is now an happy Docker user. Marco strongly believes in knowledge and WTF sharing.


We expect some flexibility.

17.30 - meet and greet

17.45 - pizza count and salute to our sponsor

17.50 - Docker for frontenders

18.30 - pizza time

19.00 - live coding

20.00 - if you want, you can stay longer and enjoy our friendship :-)

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