Thursday 25 Aug 07:30

Motivating others and yourself

Partner Breakfast


LEVEL: Intermediate

A dedicated event for our partners or for people who would like to become a Foo Café partner.

Breakfast is served at 07.30

We start the event with a short Foo Café update between 08.00-08.10

At 08.10 our guest speaker will give a presentation titled "Motivating others and yourself".


You know companies can struggle when moving from an old school authoritarian leadership style to a coaching leadership style. Employees get confused when they no longer are getting clear instructions and are expected to drive their work themselves. Managers get frustrated and feel they lack methods to guide the employees and to control the work.

From my experience as an Agile Coach and a Team Coach at companies like TAT, ustwo, BlackBerry and King, as well as from what I have learnt from winning the title Best International Speaker in Scandinavia 2015, I show audiences how they can also adopt a coaching attitude and coaching leadership style, by discovering what motivate themselves.


Magnus Andersson is the founder of IDEATE and help companies with team building and team effectiveness, i.e coaching teams to work smarter, feel better and having more fun together.

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