18 Aug


Meet Europe’s hottest startup hub

AW Seminar



Learn about Europe’s new start up capital and the fast track to South Americas growing market.

Did you think that Berlin was the hottest place for start ups in 2016? Think again. Lisbon is the fastest growing start up community in Europe at the moment and can offer start ups both reasonable price levels and access to talent. On top of this, the close connections between Portugal and Brazil makes Lisbon the perfect place for companies that want to expand into South America.

In this knowledge and networking event you will meet one of the program managers from Beta-i, one of Europe’s most successful accelerators located in Lisbon (who also can give you some hints on how to write a successful accelerator application) and representatives from Unidem, Lisbons technical university which is ranked as one of the top technical universities in Europe. So if you are thinking of expanding your start up outside Sweden, Lisbon might be your next stop.


17.30 - Meet, mingel and network

17.50 - Introduction, Micael Gustafsson Clusterland Sweden

18.00 - How to attract talents from Portuguese universities - Aneesh Zutshi, Unidemi Lisbon

18.20 - Lisbon, not only web summit - Edite Cruz, Beta-i

18.40 - How to get into the Brazilian market - Micael Gustafsson, Clusterland Sweden

19.00 - Networking, beer and pizza

The event is organised by Start Up Europe and funded by the European Commission.

Event sponsor

Clusterland Sweden

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