Wednesday 25 May 17:30

The unsecure Internet of you, me and other Things

AW Seminar


LEVEL: Intermediate

We’ll start at 17:30 with mingle. The meeting starts at 17:45. We’ll have a short break around 18:30 for food and drink.


With IOT we have started collecting massive amounts of data, not just from the environment around us, but data generated by our daily routines and behaviors. Our lives are being recorded and analyzed to provide us with tailor-made services that are just right for us as individuals. But while we are connecting more and more devices we need to realize the responsibility to handle data correctly to ensure both confidentiality and integrity. Intelligence agencies and cybercriminals around the world are searching for new ways to gather information and exploit weaknesses within the Internet of Things.

Can we, the ordinary users, in a new world of connected lives trust that our data is kept safe? And who’s responsibility is it to keep this data out of harms way? Come along on a journey via too welcoming house appliances and eavesdropping TV-sets to the battle for everyone’s right to privacy…


Niclas Kjellin is an IT security expert at Sigma and has many years of experience in developing secure software. Besides educated at Stanford University in software security, he can entitle himself Certified Ethical Hacker and fights for the ordinary user in a connected, although unsecure, world.


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