Tuesday 12 Apr 18:00

Tackle IoT with an industrial approach

IoT Malmö


LEVEL: Intermediate

18:00 Doors open, mingle, grab some drinks

18.15 Speaker 1 (The Professional)

Christian Klemetsson - System Architect, Software Developer

Christian Klemetsson, co-founder of DeviceRadio, a company in the E.ON accelerator :agile at Minc, Malmö.A multi-disciplinary technology fanatic with a professional background ranging from industrial automation,embedded electronics, programming, security, business IT to baking cookies. This combined with 20 years as an electronics hobbyist allows Christian to see IoT in many perspectives.

Christian will talk about how IoT can be tackled with an industrial approach in a way that benefits both hobbyists and professionals.

18.50 Break with drinks and something to eat

19.20 Speaker 2 (The Professional)


20:00 End of Meetup, closing comments

Presentations will be held in English.

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