Tuesday 22 Mar 17:30

Recommendations with Neo4j

Neo4j Öresund


LEVEL: Intermediate

We will begin with meet and greet, presentation starts at 17.45. There will be a break at 18.30-ish with something lighter to eat and drink.


Graph databases are a popular choice for fast, personalized recommendations because of their superior ability to store highly-connected data. See how easily Neo4j and its powerful query language, Cypher, can be integrated into your app or website.

This talk with cover the basics of building a graph recommendation engine with Neo4j and Cypher by showing the entire process used to build the website https://www.abeerfor.me, including finding and importing data, setting up Neo4j, and building the website using the Python framework Flask. All are welcome regardless of experience.


Max Sumrall is a new developer at Neo4j and recent masters graduate from the Technical University of Eindhoven in the Netherlands, where he studied new indexing strategies in Neo4j. He earned his bachelor's degree from George Mason University where he spent most of his time on Robotics and AI techniques for RoboCup. Currently he is a student at S. R. Baker academy learning how to be a man and not be a subpar engineer.

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