Thursday 07 Apr 17:30

Beacons and PhoneGap in practice



LEVEL: Intermediate


MalmöJS is a monthly meet-up for front-end web developer passionates who are pleased to share knowledge, problems and ideas with each other.

Arguments drifts around the HTML5 environment with a pitch on Web App development in Javascript and rich page design with CSS.

Tonight's Program

This combination seminar will cover both topics on an introductory and inspirational level as well as bridge these topics via a simple treasure hunt app developed in PhoneGap that will be both demoed and walked through.

Beacons (as in Bluetooth Low Energy based ditto, for e.g. iBeacon and Eddystone) are increasingly used for proximity marketing in shops and malls, and also have many other possible applications within events, healthcare, logistics etc. Beacons are established in USA, but so far very little in Sweden, and even in USA they are often used on a short-term basis. We hope that will change during 2016.

PhoneGap (or Cordova; we'll explain) is quickly being accepted as a viable platform for developing cross-platform mobile apps, not the least by being the foundation for Ionic, Evothings etc. Simply put, if you already know Web technologies you can build PhoneGap apps.

Who is it for

For anyone that wants to understand the fundamentals of beacons and PhoneGap, including pros and cons, application scenarios etc.

We will leave the most technical information to the end of the seminar, but even so, some understanding of wireless communication and app development is beneficial.

As the level of knowledge in the audience is an unknown at the time being, we will be open to questions during the presentations rather than wait to the end of each presentation.

The purpose

To increase the knowledge and awareness of these phenomena, remove possible misconceptions, and hopefully also convince a few that either/or could benefit your work and business.


Anders Borg, CEO/owner Abiro, management consultant and developer of mobile-related apps and services, not the least CliqTags (a CMS for mobile sites). Anders has previously worked as developer, product manager, project leader, systems expert etc at primarily Axis Communications and Teleca, as well as performed numerous software development projects on a consulting basis. See and for more information.


We expect some flexibility.

17.30-18.15: Introduction to beacons

18.15-18.45: Pizza & beer + beacon hunt

18.45-19.30: Introduction to PhoneGap/Cordova

19.30-19.45: Walkthrough of the beacon hunt app

19.45-...: Q&A

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