Wednesday 16 Mar 17:30

Generate a password that NSA cannot crack!

Geek Girl Meetup Öresund


LEVEL: Intermediate

Geek Girl Meetup Öresund, a network for women with passion for technology, digital media & entrepreneurship, invites you to an exciting evening on password security.

Passwords are one of the most common attack vectors of today. Humans tend to choose very bad passwords, mainly due to bad guidance. The old ”eight characters, a symbol, a capital and a number” recommendation is utterly outdated, and those passwords are cracked within seconds.

But how can we create good, unique passwords that are easy for humans to remember but hard for computers to guess?

How can you manage a big number of unique passwords? How do you ensure that the services you’re using even care about your security?

The evening will start with a presentation on password security by Emma Lilliestam - Security Expert, followed by Q&A and pizza. Thereafter everyone will get a chance to generate their own password which can withstand a state level attack.

The password generation method that will be used is called Diceware. Diceware is a method for creating easy-to-remember passwords that have the potential of being impossible to break.

For more information on Diceware


17.30 - Mingel & networking

17.45 - Session and Q&A

18.45 - Beer & Pizza

19.15 - 20.00 Workshop - generate secure passwords

Please note, the event is for women by women.

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