Wednesday 23 Mar 17:30

Beyond Twitter: An IndieWeb future?

AW Seminar


LEVEL: Intermediate

Twitter is having a rough time. The future of the social medium doesn’t look very bright. But many still love the format. So what happens if Twitter goes away? Would it all end?

Twitter won the microblog race. Alternatives like Jaiku disappeared long ago. But alternatives has started to emerge amongst grass root initiatives and a possible independent future has started to take shape.

If Twitter finally bites the dust – maybe an independent social media will be ready to takes its place?

During this evening we will dig deeper into what such an independent social media future would be like, why it should be of interest and maybe importance and how it could actually work. We will take a look at the IndieWeb movement in particular – both at the higher level concepts and purposes of it and a bit at the actual technology that’s behind it.


Pelle Wessman, @voxpelli

Freelance web developer and IndieWeb community member. An early adopter of microblogs like Jaiku and Twitter and a former developer of social media platforms such as Flattr and Bloglovin.

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