10 Mar


The Upgraded Human

AW Seminar



What’s so fantastic about the open source, DIY, and the biohacking scene?

It’s the fact that financial considerations take a back seat to the driving forces of pure curiosity and knowledge sharing.

Those are the motivating factors for Patric Lanhed and his team. And it’s also why they garnered a lot of media attention with their Bio Pay solution last autumn. Patric works with technology in the communications arena at DigitasLBi in Sweden, and is a true evangelist when it comes to biohacking and how technology can play a major role in the human upgrade.

We will begin at 17.30 with meet and greet. The program starts at 17.45 - we will have break with something lighter to eat and drink at 18.30-ish.

Would you like to upgrade yourself?

This evening we have the pleasure of giving you 50% discount in association with Biohax International.

For only 999SEK you will get a NFC/RFID chip upgrade. You will need to register and pay in advance. Registration is binding, send an email to for all the juicy details.

We reserve the right to cancel the upgrades if we receive too few registrations. If so, your money will be refunded.

Facts of the chip:

Size: 12x2 mm

13.56mhz Biohax NTAG216

888 bytes of user programmable memory

32 bit password protection security features

ISO14443A and NFC Type 2 compliant

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