Wednesday 24 Feb 17:30

Security work, featuring practical advise



LEVEL: Intermediate

Users are being exploited. Developers are writing insecure code. The administrators don't want to update their systems. And nobody is listening to the security staff until it's way too late.We want to change all that with a nice cup of SecuriTea.Come and join us as we go through everything security related, from educating users to helping developers write safer code and many more topics.Tonight's programSecurity is becoming a more important task for all companies. Dealing with breaches, preventing information disclosure that could help your competitors, all of this is slowly taking up more and more time for industry professionals.Would you like to learn more about how you can help your company (and yourself) to navigate this landscape. Come and learn more about how you can help your company (and yourself) to navigate this landscape.We will begin at 17.30 with meet and greet. Presentation starts at 17.45. There will be a break at 18.30-ish with pizza and beverage.Event sponsor

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