26 Mar


Apache Camel, Javascript and Continuous Delivery




17:00 Registration & mingle

17:30 Welcome


17:35 Getting Started with Apache Camel

This session will teach you how to get a good start with Apache Camel.

We will introduce you to Apache Camel and how Camel its related to Enterprise Integration Patterns. And how you go about using these patterns in Camel routes, written in Java code or XML files.

We will then discuss how you can get started developing with Camel, and how to setup a new project from scratch using Maven and Eclipse tooling. This session includes live demos that show how to build Camel applications in Java, Spring, OSGi Blueprint and alternative languages such as Scala and Groovy.

You will also hear what other features Camel provides out of the box, which can make integration much easier for you.

At the end we demonstrate how to build custom components, allowing you to build custom adapters if not already provided by Camel.

Before opening up for QA, we will share useful links where you can dive into learning more about Camel.

Presenter: Claus Ibsen, Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat

18:30 Run Your JavaScript As a Real Ninja: On Android

While Java is rather big on our servers, there is hardly any evidence of its existence on our clients. This fact has been true for quite some years now and it has also affected the way the Java platform has evolved. With mobile devices entering and changing the scenery in more than one way (and by the grace of Google), Java has been given the opportunity to fully establish a relevant presence also on the client side. Given this partly new market also enables new ways of using Java. Merging other techniques to it suddenly becomes not only possible but also interesting.

In this presentation the audience will be presented with different techniques on how to run JavaScript as a core component of a mobile application on the Android stack, while keeping the UI implemented in native Java code. A short discussion will explain why one would want to do such a thing and hopefully also enlighten both benefits and drawbacks from doing so.

Presenter: Laszlo Urszuly, Jayway

19:30 A Pragmatic Approach to Continuous Delivery

You do not have to be a plumber to understand the importance of water and "stuff" flowing effortlessly through the pipes in your home. The analogy in software development is getting the software produced to flow through your deployment pipeline from developer, through tests and analysis to production without any manual steps. In this presentation I will show how to set up a simple deployment pipeline using tools that are freely available to everybody. I will show that it is not as hard as it sounds and the goal is to enable you to go home and set it up on your own project afterwords.

Presenter: Ivar Grimstad, Cybercom

20.30 We will continue with a beer at Green Lion (if you want)

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