01 Dec


How to make a game

GameDev meet-up



GameDev is a meetup for people working within all aspect of game development and that want to share their experience, knowledge and ideas with each other.

Our speakers for this first event are both veterans within the Swedish game industry and have worked on a long row on high profile games. So to kick things off we are letting these two awesome guys share their knowledge and personal view on how to make a game. Games are as we all know more than just the code that is running it. It's about creating a specific experience for the player. And to do so there are many aspects that plays part of that process. Martin and Thomas will talk about their experience of the process and their take on what it takes to develop games that people want, and will enjoy to playing.

During the evening we would also like your input on possible future subjects for the meetups. So take the chance and come help make the GameDev meetup a great network of knowledge.


17.30 - Meet and Greet

17.45 - Speaker: Martin Walfisz

Managing Director & Founder at Planeto [planeto.com]

Former President & Founder of Massive Entertainment

18.30 - Break with pizza and beverage

19.00 - Speaker: Thomas Grip

Creative Director & Co-Founder of Frictional Games [frictionalgames.com]

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