04 Dec


Coding for Humanity




Join the Hack!

Hundreds of developers, designers and motivated people from Sweden to Denmark will gather for a full weekend Hackathon in Malmö. The focus will be to leverage OpenSource code to solve challenges society faces. OpenHack will bring ideation, design, and coding to deliver creative solutions for the good of humanity.

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The Challenge

There are many challenges in the world that put the good of humanity to the test. We encourage all ideas that could help to address these, both on a local and global scale. One example is the currently largest refugee crises since the Second World War. More then 4 million refugees have been forced to leave their home country Syria on a dangerous and long journey. Another example is the recent earthquakes that hit Nepal on the 5th of April, which left at least 2 million Nepalis homeless. Events like these are of course very challenging for the people involved. But we believe that Open Source and creative thinking can help in bringing useful solutions.


Please note that this event might not take place at Foo Café. The event will take place close to Malmö Train Station. More information about this will presented here and on

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